Our photography school focus on the principles of storytelling, narrative structures, sequence and audience point of view. Through the study of lighting, creativity, and technique, photography students create exciting and powerful images. Students will learn the art of natural light, tungsten light and strobe light. Our photography classes give students the opportunity to collaborate with designers, art directors and writers. They learn to translate significant communication goals that inform, persuade and inspire passions in audiences. Friendships are formed in school that transcend into professional relationships and job opportunities. Apply now!

Portfolio Center understands that, where photography is concerned, knowledge and technique can only get you so far. Photographers must be visionaries and storytellers. The tools might change, but the philosophy stays the same.

You'll be taught by passionate, top-of-their-game professionals in a warm, intimate, state-of-the-art environment. You'll have opportunities to flex real-world muscle, as you collaborate with art directors, designers and writers on live projects. You'll also have access to a legendary network that includes the likes of Jay Maisel, Rodney Smith and Liz VonHoene.


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Award winning photographer, Michael West is a commercial and fine-art photographer with a "more than impressive" client list that includes: 7-Up, Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, Colt 45, Crystal Springs, Kimberly Clark, Mott's, Suntust Bank, Welch's, Westin Hotels and Wolfgang Puck Foods, to name just a few. Michael can be found dedicating much of his valuable time assisting the photo students here at Portfolio Center. Poring over their work, and explaining intricate lighting set-ups in studio, Michael encourages the students to discover their individual strengths and guides them into the real-world commercial success in this “golden age” of photography.

Michael West
Director of Photography


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photography program

Michael West

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Quarter 1

PH100  Introduction to Photography

PH101  Intro to Inkjet Printing

IL107  Natural Light 1 - Location

PH103  Introduction to Photoshop

900  Seminar

Quarter 2

PH102  Photoshop 2

704  Studio Lighting 1 - Tungsten

PH308  Natural Light 2 - Indoor/Studio

PH106  Editorial Photography

900  Seminar

Quarter 3

709  DSLR Video Shooting 1

IL105  DSLR Video Editing 1

PH600  Studio Lighting 2 - Tungsten

PH302  Natural Light 3 Portraiture/Fashion

900  Seminar

Quarter 4

PH601  Alternative Processes

PH400  Studio Lighting 3 - Strobe

PH107  Studio Set Building

D214  Lighting for Product, Food & Beverage

900  Seminar

Quarter 5

705  DSLR Video Shooting & Editing 2

PH402  Digital Style - Photoshop Techniques

PH306  Art Directed Campaigns 1

PH415  Mixed Lighting on Location

900  Seminar

Quarter 6

PH307  Art & Commerce

PH402  Long-Form Storytelling

706  Green Screen Photography

703  Architecture & Interior Photography

900  Seminar

Quarter 7

PH401  Advanced DSLR Video 3

707  The Dream Assignment

708  Portfolio Website Development 1

AD1001  Professional Business Practices

900  Seminar

Quarter 8

833  Shooting for Portfolio

834  Marketing & Branding Your Photo Business

836  Portfolio Book Development 2

1002  Graduate Advisement

900  Seminar