Our illustration school teaches students to solve problems within the context of a visual narrative. Students explore ideas through many mediums, from painting and sketching to collage, to the diversity of digital media. Our illustration program offers an opportunity to collaborate within all disciplines. Apply Now!

Big things are happening for illustrators here at Portfolio Center. Real-world projects like Stories for Bed, and an ongoing partnership with Jackson Fish Market. Our new PC Press offers you the opportunity to learn all about publishing as you illustrate your own and others' books. That's just the beginning. You'll learn editorial illustration, character development, digital illustration, illustration for web, 3D animation ... the list grows.

You'll have expert instructors to help cultivate your talent and sunny spaces in which to blossom (a new illustration wing that's warm, fun and full of inspiration). But with all this big-ness, we keep the program intimate. You can't get away with anything. You couldn't get lost if you tried. You might even wish you could sometimes.


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Theo is an illustrator, sculptor, and educator. His imaginative and conceptual style has been commissioned to produce award-winning illustrations that have appeared in many of the world's premier periodicals, including The Atlantic Monthly, Der Spiegel, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Newsweek, The New York Times, Playboy, Time, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.An alumnus of The Cooper School of Art and a member of the Society of Illustrators, Theo has instructed at Portfolio Center and has been an adjunct faculty member at the Atlanta College of Art, Kent State University and the prestigious MFA Illustration program at Syracuse University.

Theo Rudnak
Director of Illustration


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Quarter 1

IL307  Visual Language

IL201  Analytic Head Drawing

D101  Design Aesthetics

701  Electronic Digital Application

900  Seminar

Quarter 2

IL107  Illustration Technique

IL204  Color Theory

D303  Emotive Type

EDA703  Illustrator

900  Seminar

Quarter 3

IL400  Creative Process

IL103  Figure Drawing

IL302  Map Class

EDA702  Photoshop

900  Seminar

Quarter 4

IL406  Children's Book Illustration

IL304  Character Development

D209  Symbols, Logos & Metaphor

704  Electronic Digital Applications

900  Seminar

Quarter 5

IL404  Advanced Illustration

IL407  Landscape Painting

D215  Creative Strokes

705  Electronic Digital Applications

900  Seminar

Quarter 6

IL403  Advanced Figure Drawing & Painting

IL305  Painting Attitudes

IL306  Illustration Workshop

Directed Elective

900  Seminar

Quarter 7

IL409  Conceptual Simplicity

IL410  Animation Concepts

IL405  Digital Illustration

IL1001  School of Thought / Real World

900  Seminar

Quarter 8

833  Grad Pert

834  Professional Practices

836  Graduate Advisement

1002  School of Thought / Real World

900  Seminar