The copywriter’s goal is to master the use of language to communicate ideas. Copywriters are taught to express their thoughts in powerful ways via the written word. They see their concepts come together visually through collaboration in the creation of everything from print ads to commercials to annual reports. Apply now!

For Portfolio Center copywriters, there are no bad ideas--but there might be better ones. Which is why we will push you from every side and angle. You'll be challenged and nurtured by passionate teachers--novelists, journalists, poets, creativity coaches, and (oh, yeah) copywriters. And your classmates will be as talented and driven as you are, so there won't be any slacking off. By collaborating with art directors, illustrators, designers, digital artists, and photographers, you'll become a master of all media that engage consumers--and an expert in moving those consumers to feel and act. That's how you get to the top in this industry.


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Tania has taught writers at Portfolio Center for 15 years. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Warren Wilson College and an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Mercer University. Her first book of poetry, Karaoke Funeral, won the 2003 Violet Reed Haas Prize and was published by Snake Nation Press. They published her second book, The World’s Last Bone, in 2009. Tania has been widely published in literary journals and anthologies. Recent work can be found in the anthology Women Write Resistance, from Hyacinth Girl Press, 2013, and in the online journal Flycatcher, Issue #2. Tania is fascinated by the transformational effect writing has on our lives. She believes that whether it’s an ad or a novel, what we write and put out in the world matters.

Tania Rochelle
Director of Copywriting


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Tania Rochelle

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Quarter 1

CW101  Advertising: Present, Past & Future

CW102  Emotive Writing

CW103  Creative Sparks

701  Electronic Digital Application

AD 101  Fundamental of Art Direction

900  Seminar

Quarter 2

CW103  Intro to Copy Writing

CW107  Industry Overview

CW114  Brand Strategy I

AD410  Presentation Skills

702  Electronic Digital Application

900  Seminar

Quarter 3

CW206  Radio I

AD207  Brand Communications

CW301   Writing for Headlines & Taglines

AD202  Campaign Concepts I

900  Seminar

Quarter 4

CW209  All Copy Ads

AD203  Campaign Concepts II

AD212  TV I

D213  Interactive Media

900  Seminar

Quarter 5

CW215  Improvisation

CW305  Guerilla & Experiential Concepts

CW306  Radio II

AD501  Digital Design for the Interactive Agency

900  Seminar

Quarter 6

CW313  Interactive/Digital Writing

CW208  Brand Communications

AD502  Hybrid Campaign

AD501  Broadcast Design Concepts

900  Seminar

Quarter 7

AD402  Ad Concepts Wild Card

D402  Annual Reports

AD315  Portfolio Review/Refinement

AD1001  School of Thought / Real World

900  Seminar

Quarter 8

833  Grad Pert

834  Professional Practices

836  Graduate Advisement

1002  School of Thought / Real World

900  Seminar