Art direction students begin with a strong conceptual design foundation. From that base, they learn to create meaningful, provocative, eye-catching ads. Art directors collaborate with every discipline; copywriters, photographers and illustrators, to create smart advertising for print, internet, television and radio. Apply now!

Art Direction is a blanket title incorporating various jobs in advertising, publishing, film, and digital media. Art Directors unify the vision of a project or campaign. They think, design, write, and create movement experiences in pop culture. They create ideas that are as strategically smart as they are edgy and digitally dynamic.

It's a big job, but somebody's got to get paid well to do it.


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Rick is a graduate of Portfolio Center (class of 1979). He has trailblazed an award winning career with companies including Lawler Ballard, Tucker Wayne, Grey Kirk VanSant, Young & Rubicam and The Buntin Group and then, his own agency, Endres Parker & Eng. Rick worked with Fitzgerald+CO for 17 years where his primary account was Coca-Cola. In this time he produced nearly 200 television commercials working in Australia, South America, Canada, the Caribbean and the United States.Rick is an avid motorcyclist, has competed in archery, plays classical piano & the Highland Bagpipes. He studied theology, sings in a choir & has a taste for good beer, great conversation and high ethical standards.

Rick Parker


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Quarter 1

AD101  Photoshop 1

AD102  InDesign

AD104  Intro to Photography

AD111  Type 1

702  Intro to Art Direction

900  Seminar

Quarter 2

AD114  Illustrator 1

AD107  Branding 1

AD103  Design 1

AD111  Type 2

AD410  Campaigns 1

900  Seminar

Quarter 3

AD214  HTML & CSS 1

AD207  Message & Content

AD202  Publication & Editorial Design 1

AD410  Improvisation for Advertising

900  Seminar

Quarter 4

AD402  Web Design 1

AD500  Type 3

AD215  Crafting Concepts 1

AD312  Hybrid Campaigns 1

900  Seminar

Quarter 5

AD402  Photoshop 2

AD102  Video Shooting & Editing 1

AD104  Crafting Concepts 2

702  Non-Traditional Advertising

900  Seminar

Quarter 6

AD208  Publication & Editorial Design

AD315  Campaigns 2

AD502  Interactive Advertising

703  Branding 2

900  Seminar

Quarter 7

AD501  Comprehensive Campaigns

AD503  Advanced Integrated Campaigns

AD1001  Guerilla Advertising

AD1001  Experiential Marketing

900  Seminar

Quarter 8

833  Graduate Advisory

834  Crafting Concepts 3

836  Multimedia Storytelling

1002  Professional Practices

900  Seminar