Portfolio Center takes Best of Show in Addy Awards 2013

Illustrator Jessica Gonzalez & copywriter Danielle DePiper teamed up to create their hilarious Emerald Nuts campaign, Nuts Make You A Man, taking Best of Show in the 2013 Atlanta Addy Awards student category.

Altogether, Portfolio Center students garnered two Gold, two Silver, and seven Bronze awards. Congratulations to all our winners:

CMYK Sings Praises

CMYK sings the praises of the super-talented Brock Davis - an award-winning, multidisciplinary creative with a knack for creating ground-breaking work. Yip, you guessed it... Brock is yet another alum of Portfolio Center and credits much of his success to his student life and talent right here at Portfolio Center.

Brock, who is is group creative director at Carmichael Lynch. concocted the memorable "Messin' With Sasquatch" campaign for Jack Links Beef Jerky as well as compelling work for Subaru, Harley-Davidson, Porsche, Rapala and many others. His work has received national and international acclaim, acquiring every notable industry award including the prestigious Cannes Lion.

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An interview with Rick Parker

See Rick's Website

“You know, I haven’t always been a coffee person,” he says, as I hand him a grande medium roast – no cream, no sugar – just as he ordered.

“Oh?” I ask, wondering how a person goes from zero to black. “What happened?” “Advertising.”

It’s clear to anyone who’s ever been in the presence of one of Rick Parker’s flaming button downs that this Art Direction department head is far more than your everyday “ad nerd.” In fact, there’s not much that Rick is not. A self-proclaimed “oversized flower child,” he has gone from airbrushing the sides of carnival rides to playing bagpipes at the Queen’s Golden Jubilee...

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Creating quite a Name for Himself

Portfolio Center alum Christian Helms has created quite a name for himself in Austin, Texas. Christian, the founder of the design studio Helms Workshop and the sensationally popular artisan sausage restaurant Frank, is hugely featured in the latest issue of Communication Arts.

Go ahead... click here to see the full, whopping 10 page article.

Museum of Design Atlanta & Portfolio Center

The Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), in partnership with Portfolio Center, presents an exhibition honoring history and design through the medium of the chair...

Stories in Form: Chair Design by the Portfolio Center exhibition will be held at MODA from February 5 through June 3, 2012.

The works featured in Stories in Form are created as part of Portfolio Center's nationally acclaimed course "Modernism: History, Criticism and Theory," which explores design history as a catalyst for new design ideas. While learning about Modernism, the history of design and the development of critical thinking skills, students in the course create chairs by means of a design process that combines inspiration from a historical period with personal experience. This exercise in design is recognized nationwide for the challenge it presents to students, for it compels students to go beyond perfunctory design solutions and to balance old and new, conservative and eccentric, safe and dangerous as they design chairs that re-imagine their personal histories as three-dimensional objects.

Portfolio Center's groundbreaking class has also been featured in the new book, Design School Confidential: Extraordinary Class Projects from the International Design Schools, Colleges, and Institutes, by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico. This book features fifty real-world class assignments from top design programs at universities around the world, and examines the resulting student projects.

Each chair on display at MODA will be accompanied by the story of its creation. In addition to demonstrating the step-by-step design process that brings these chairs into being, the exhibition will highlight the ways in which design objects tell stories of design history and personal experience.


Long ago, there was a young boy whose name was Mike. Mike loved drawing, meeting cool people, theme parks, pirates, and dinosaurs - pretty much everything you would find at Disneyworld.

When Mike was 11, his mother took this photo of him... a snapshot of her son building Disneyland out of construction paper (she had him wear his Mickey Mouse hat just for the pic). "One day, you will show it to the Imagineers when you interview there," she said.

Time passed, and as Mike grew older, his dream grew with fervent passion. Two years, ago Mike walked through the doors of Portfolio Center with one mission in mind - to pursue his creative dream.

Last week, many of us from Portfolio Center were with Mike when he received a call on his cell that would change his life. Tears ran down his cheeks as he sat listening to his caller in deathly silence. Then, with a huge smile, he bellowed out to us all: "I have it... I have the job - I am a Disney Imagineer."

We will miss you Mike. Best wishes to you and your Mom. Please know that we here at Portfolio Center will always be your home ~ we're all really just one big family.

Why not visit Mike Schwalm's Blog here?

copywriting school

Bryan Karr


copywriting school

Travis Robertson


A Bizarre Coincidence

Bryan, a copywriter, and Travis, an art director, walk into a concepting room (having been independently chosen to create a major campaign) ...

Travis: So where are you from?

Bryan: Orlando.

Travis: No s... that's where I grew up.

Bryan: Where'd you go to school?

Travis: Lake Highland.

Bryan: Shut up! That's where I went.

Travis: You play football?

Bryan: Yup! You have coach Flaith?

Travis: Yeah! Wasn't that guy cross-eyed?

Bryan: Sure was! You say your Dad was a doctor?

Travis: Yeah!

Bryan: So is mine! Where did you go to Ad school?

Travis: Portfolio Center.

Bryan: What the ... Me too. Okay, so this is freaking me out a bit ... so you know Tania and everyone there pretty well?

Travis: Sure. I even worked the front desk ... now don't tell me that you also ...

Bryan: Yeah! ... Me too!

That day two brains melded into one creative team, molded by the hands of destiny. Six months later, these two had created a campaign for Jack Daniel's in which they bragged about how awesome it is to be an American. And there's nothing more American than reminding people we're better than them.

Check out their campaign that they went on to create right here at: www.jackindependence.com

cmyk contest

cmyk contest

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark. Here my mother runs an exclusive boutique, selling fine women's shoes. My father produces designer furniture under his own label.

Instead of following my passion I dragged myself through business school and after graduating, ended up miserable in a marketing job. I had to do something. So, I started searching for a place that could give my creativity structure and my life direction. I checked Portfolio Center out and immediately knew that this was going to be the place. A new era in my life began. Finally, I was on the right track - it was wonderful. I was in the design program sculpting messages for all kinds of media. After graduating as a Designer in 2000 I went back home to Copenhagen and worked in some of the leading design and advertising agencies.

During the last few years I realised that the passion for design and entrepreneurship runs deep in my blood and I just had to combine the two. On a friends request, I designed a motorbike boot. I knew instantly I was on the right track. Things started to speed up in 2010 when I established a business relationship with a family owned shoe factory in Tuscany. Italian shoe modellers are unrivalled.

In 2011 I finally launched my own shoe label, EPOKE Copenhagen ('epoke' is the Danish word for 'era'). My shoes are exclusive, feminine, a contemporary mixture of classic and raw design that appeals to the modern, independent, and fashion conscious career woman. The shoes are designed for a woman who wants to express her own personal style with a clean and beautiful design, unique detail and an exceptional fit.

My dream was fulfilled, one that could never have been reached without the education and experience that I gained at Portfolio Center - the initial step that pointed me in the right direction ... cont

photography program

photography program

CONGRATULATIONS! Portfolio Students take 1st place in the International Organization of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) Packaging Design Competition.

Organic Valley story

photography program

... AND IF THAT'S NOT ENOUGH? Portfolio Students take 2nd place in the IOPP Packaging Design Competition too. Congratulations!

photography program

March 29, 2011 marked the release date of the brand new Starbucks book "Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul." Co-authored by Starbucks CEO and founder Howard Schultz, along with Forbes' contributing editor Joanne Gordon, the book details the company's struggle to maintain its core identity during a time of unabated growth and over-saturation. The cover of the book, designed by Portfolio Center graduate Michelle Haft, powerfully depicts one of the most recognized brands in history and elegantly captures the spirit of the story: the reinvention of an iconic brand.

In this upfront and personal account, Schultz spotlights the period of 2007 – 2008 when, after an eight-year hiatus, he returned to the CEO position and helped the company overcome its growth pains and reclaim its original values. The book received excellent reviews and is being praised as a "must-read."

Michelle Haft works at SY Partners in San Francisco, CA as a designer. Michelle and her team at SY Partners immersed themselves into the project - helping Starbucks frame their strategy for a multi-year transformation. Prior to Portfolio Center, Michelle studied at MIT and graduated Cum Laude from University of California, San Diego.

photography program
photography program

photography program

Join us for an hour-long session with your peers who attended the Art Director's Club Portfolio Review last week, and hear their viewpoints, comments and ideas about the event. This is also a great opportunity to learn what industry standards are in relation to the work that goes into your portfolio. All are invited, so come on out!

photography program
photography program

Congratulations to Portfolio Center's alumni Genevieve de Manio - hired to photograph Chelsea Clinton's wedding in Rhinebeck, New York (yet perhaps we should be congratulating the former president's daughter for selecting the finest available - a Portfolio Center graduate).

Genevieve has quickly become one of Boston's preeminent wedding photographers, adopting a photojournalistic style that is more candid than controlled, catching those moments nobody notices.

Genevieve lives and works in her home studio in Carlisle, MA with her husband and three children.

photography program

Genevieve de Manio

See Website

cmyk contest

CMYK just released it's winners for the CMYK 15th Anniversary issue featuring what they have dubbed the "New Creative Class of Summer 2011." We are thrilled to announce that Portfolio Center students Blake Lowther and Caroline Petters each have their work featured in this issue, and are the winners in the Design and Photography categories.

cmyk contest

Ken Carbone at Portfolio Center

cmyk contest

One of the most recognized names in Design – we are thrilled to announce that Ken Carbone will be our seminar speaker this Thursday, at 10am. Ken's work is renowned for its clarity and intelligence. He has built an international reputation creating outstanding programs for world-class clients, including Tiffany & Co., W.L Gore, Herman Miller, PBS, Christie's, Nonesuch Records, the W Hotel Group and The Taubman Company.

Ken's clients also include celebrated cultural institutions such as the Museé du Louvre, The Museum of Modern Art, The Pierpont Morgan Library, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the High Museum of Art. His clients are evidence of his multi-disciplinary experience with large scale, complex projects and expert knowledge of art, architecture, retail merchandising, entertainment, music, science and technology. Often international in scope, these projects have also enabled him to hone the cross-cultural sensibilities necessary to work successfully in today's global business environment.

In addition, Ken is the author of The Virtuoso: Face to Face with 40 Extraordinary Talents , published by Stewart Tabori & Chang. The book's emphasis on human achievement in all walks of life reflects his wide-ranging curiosity. He frequently speaks to audiences across the country about the value of strategic design and communications in the corporate, consumer and cultural sectors. He has presented at events sponsored by Inc. Magazine, Metropolis Magazine, HOW Magazine, the American Center for Design, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Luxury Marketing Council, and has lectured at both top business schools and art colleges. He is currently an adjunct professor in the MFA Program at the School of Visual Arts, New York City.

As a member of the prestigious Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI), and of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), Ken's work has been recognized by the AIGA, Print, Graphis, Idea, Communication Arts, ID, the New York Art Directors Club, and is included in the permanent collection of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. In addition to his design career, he has been an avid guitarist for over 40 years.