Our very exciting Web Design program is connected to each and every part of the entire school as it involves design, copywriting, photography and even a smidgen of illustration.

You will, of course, be learning to code - big time - in state of the art languages such as HTML5 and CSS3, Javascript, JQuery and beyond. More than this, you will be challenged to solve problems and create a new infrastructure for how we consume information from retail experiences to vehicle user interfaces. At Portfolio Center, we are creating the next generation of innovators... left and right brained individuals most highly sought after in the marketplace.

digital media program

Peter has a holistic understanding of what it takes to deliver complete, engaging user experiences, from strategy and architecture to content, design and execution.

With an experience running the vertical gamut from restaurant design to healthcare, and even Portfolio Center's very own website, Peter holds a BSc degree in Engineering. When not taking care of the students at Portfolio Center or a company's latest web needs, Peter can be found reading some geek book on responsive design or mobile web development.

Director of Web Design


digital media program

Josh Rosenbaum

digital media program

Daniel Soder

digital media program

Jennifer Ready

digital media program

Patrick Aguilar

digital media program

Stefan Sokal

digital media program

Zac Pousman

digital media program

Casey Britt

digital media program

John Ferguson

digital media program

Keith Weaver


Quarter 1

D101  Intro to HTML5 & CSS3

D102  Type 1

D104  Illustrator 1

702  Intro to Photoshop

D303  Intro to Photography

900  Seminar

Quarter 2

D114  Web Design 1

D110  Illustrator 2

D107  Type 2

D307  Branding 1

D704  Advanced HTML5 & CSS3

900  Seminar

Quarter 3

D115  Message & Content

D214  Javascript

D209  Logos

D204  Intro to Video & Editing

900  Seminar

Quarter 4

D210  Web Design 2

D311  JQuery

D302  Type 3

DM226  Retail Branding 1

900  Seminar

Quarter 5

D407  Wordpress Development

D312  Retail Branding 1

D304  eCommerce

705  Electronic Digital Application

900  Seminar

Quarter 6

D313  Web Design: Mobile Apps

D314  Systems & Information Design

D405  CSS motion & Advanced Techniques

706  Responsive Web Development

900  Seminar

Quarter 7

D402  Advanced Web Development 1

D212  Visual Storytelling

D315  Information Design

AD1001  Live Project 1

900  Seminar

Quarter 8

833  Grad Advisory

834  Portfolio Website Development

836  Corporate ID Design

1002  Live Project 2

900  Seminar