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Financial Aid

We're all about assisting our students through the entire Financial Aid process - making it nice and easy for you. Simply check the 'Yes' button below and your Finanacial Aid guru, Regenia Jarrett will smoothly guide you through the entire process.

If yes, click here to get started.

Questions? Contact Regenia right now at 404.351.5055 x 15 or email.

Work Samples

Seeing your creativity is important to us. Please provide 3-10 samples of your creative work. (If you require any pieces to be returned to you, you must provide us with a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return).

Prior Education

Please list your prior education to date. Include degrees earned and dates attended.

Personal Essay

Write a personal story of your intent and reasons to study. It should also give us a sense of who you are, how you think, and what issues and ideas interest you most (400-1000 words).

How did you hear about Portfolio Center?


We prefer to meet you in person, but a Skype or telephone interview is acceptable too.

International Student Assistance

International student? No problem - enjoy rock solid help and advice when it comes to guiding you through the international student visa process (we've been helping students from over 40 countries for 30 years) see map of alum.

Housing Advice

Need a place to stay? There are many neat apartment complexes surrounding Portfolio Center - some in walking distance - some just a short drive away. Wish to drive your living expenses down by sharing with a fellow student? Sure, we'll try to match you up with a fellow student with the same needs.

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Application Fee

An application fee of $100 is required. Please make payable to 'Portfolio Center'. My choice of payment is: