PORTFOLIO CENTER, the School for Creative Communication Arts, offering programs in Advertising, Art Direction, Copywriting, Design, Film, Illustration, Photography & Web Design.

Welcome to the school that takes the poor, the confused, the artsy fartsy, right brained type people who are loved, but not understood, and turns them into some of the best-paid, hardest-working, smartest-thinking communicators on the planet.


Portfolio Center students win

No Cameras

PC Press has just published its second book, titled No Cameras, about Atlanta’s legendary Clermont Lounge. The project began while designer Ryan Wood was still a student at Portfolio Center. He enlisted ...


A Partnership with Coke

Each quarter, Coke provides classes of six to 10 students with a creative brief. From there, the students conduct research, develop and refine solutions, then present their recommendations to the client ...

48 hr Packaging design

Ken Carbone & Portfolio Center

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, Ken Carbone of the Carbone Smolan Agency in NYC asked PC students to create commercials for some very worthy charities and non-profit ...