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The creative portfolio school for art direction, copywriting, graphic design, illustration, photography and web design.

Portfolio Center is the oldest and best-known portfolio school for communication arts in the country. Portfolio Center is a 2-year, full-time graduate level program which offers tracks in art direction, copywriting, graphic design, illustration, photography and web design. Founded in 1977, it was the first school of its kind and it is constantly evolving to stay ahead of a dynamic industry driven by cultural shifts and technological innovation. The school is defined by the people inside it, by their imagination, energy, and the creativity that they embody. In this unique environment, you’ll discover your most resourceful and ingenious self. With a placement rate near 100%, our graduates work for the the most successful firms, agencies and corporations on the planet, spanning six continents. Your future starts now!


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Behind the Radio Classes

Bob Barrineau, one of our amazing instructors here at Portfolio Center, gives us a sneak "behind the scenes" look into our radio classes that form an integral part of our exciting copywriting program.


A Partnership with Coke

Each quarter, Coke provides classes of six to 10 students with a creative brief. From there, the students conduct research, develop and refine solutions, then present their recommendations to the client ...

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Speaker Series

Come join us! Every Thursday, a different guest speaker shares their experiences with our students and guests. Top innovators and entrepreneurs running the gamut from graphic design to ...